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Dear Students,

You are welcome to the Starex University. We are glad to have you as students of this University. We expect that during your stay in the University, you will get shaped as real human being with the ability and capability of decision-making for ushering in sterling & lucrative career. Above all, we expect you to come up to the expectations of society as a responsible citizen of the country and earn respect among peers and seniors in the global community of professionals. Now, let me introduce you to our Vision and Mission.


  • Building the next generation of highly employable and self employed global citizens to shape the future of India.
  • To get developed into a center of academic excellence and to promote Professional, Technical & Vocational expertise and research.
  • To infuse in the minds of our students the lust for basic awareness of today‚Äôs global exigencies and necessities to place them strongly and firmly on the professionally and technically driven platform.


  • To create a diverse, vibrant and inspirational environment for teaching and learning for its faculty and students
  • To foster academic excellence, develop elegant communication skills to meet the present day requirements and needs in this competitive world to keep pace with the national and international competitors.
  • To make our students knowledge hungry by developing in them the tendency of lifelong learning.

Mohinder Singh