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Total Duration

2 Years

University Starex University
Course name EMBA
Program Code
Duration 2 Years

Executive MBA programs are designed for full time employees of organizations or owners of businesses who have a significant investment in their careers and who cannot afford to give up their full time jobs. Rather than pursuing a traditional MBA degree on a part time basis, these professionals can complete an Executive MBA program while continuing their full time employment.

Executive MBA programs differ from traditional MBA programs in two distinct manners. First the meeting format is different. Executive MBA programs usually meet twice a week, every other week during the semester. Secondly the students in Executive MBA programs have on average much more work experience than their counterparts in traditional programs. It is this work experience that allows the Executive MBA program to be offered at a much faster pace than the traditional program.

The Programme Executive Master of Business Administration aims at developing a student’s intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. It seeks to develop students as analytical and rigorous thinkers so that they are able to apply the concepts learnt to all pertinent issues that affect an organization’s performance and effectiveness. Organizations use the Executive MBA programs as a way to update their employees on

the latest thinking in business. The program may also be part of the career development of the person and the succession planning for the organization. It can be a tool used to promote retention of valued employees within the firm.


  • Management Theory & Practice

  • Statistics & Quantitative Methods

  • Managerial Economics

  • Financial & Managerial Accounting

  • Organisational Behaviour

  • Business Environment

  • Seminar Course on Self Managing Leadership (SML)


  • Research Methodology

  • Operations Research

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Management

  • Operations Management

  • Seminar Course on Values for Managerial Performance


  • Business Laws & Taxation

  • Entrepreneurship Development

  • Discipline Specific Specialization Elective Courses (DSE) - Opt Any Two Groups

       1) DSE-G1- HRM (Opt any Two)

           1. Talent and Knowledge Management

           2. Training & Executive Development

           3. Counseling and Negotiating Skills for Manager

       2) DSE-G2- Marketing (Opt any Two)

           1. Consumer Behaviour

           2. Product & Brand Management

           3. Marketing of Services 

       3) DSE-G3- Finance (Opt any Two)

           1. Working Capital Management

           2. Financial Analysis & Reporting

           3. Audit and Assurance

      4) DSE-G4- IB (Opt any Two)

          1. International Trade Practices

          2. International Accounting & Reporting System

          3. Foreign Exchange Management


      5) DSE-G5- IT (Opt any Two)

          1. Managing E-Business

          2. System Analysis & Design

          3. Database Management System

  • Summer Project Work

  • Seminar Course on Healthy Lifestyle for Managers


  • Strategic Management

  • Business Ethics & CSR

  • Discipline Specific Specialization Elective Courses (DSE)- Opt Any Two Groups

       1) DSE-G1- HRM (Opt any Two)

           1. Performance and Compensation Management

           2. Cross Cultural HRM

           3. Strategic HRM

       2) DSE-G2- Marketing (Opt any Two)

           1. Retail Management

           2. Integrated Marketing Communication

           3. International Marketing

       3) DSE-G3- Finance (Opt any Two)

           1. Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

           2. Business Analysis and Valuation

           3. Strategic Corporate Finance

      4) DSE-G4- IB (Opt any Two)

         1. International Financial Markets

         2. International Economic Organisations & Regional Blocks

         3. International Logistics

      5) DSE-G5- IT (Opt any Two)

          1. Managing IT-Enabled Services

          2. Business Intelligence

          3. BPR & ERP

  • Final Project work- Project Report Evaluation

  • Seminar Course & Comprehensive Viva-Voce