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Bachelor of Medical Science

Course Name

B.Sc. (Medical) Pass Course

Program Code


Entry Year


Total Duration

3 Years

University Starex University
Course name B.Sc. (Medical) Pass Course
Program Code STAR01
Eligibility 10+2 Pass with Physics, Chemistry & Biology with 45%
Test English Language Test Personal Interview
Duration 3 Years

 The duration of Bachelor of Science Course spans over a period of 3 years spanning 6 Semesters. 3 years is the minimum time period between which one can pass the course, the maximum time period of time is generally 6 years, however this time duration may vary depending upon the Institutes’ Policy. A candidate needs to study 5-6 subjects out of which 2 are Compulsory and 3 are Elective depending upon the Institute. There are limited numbers of combinations of subjects one can opt for depending upon the availability of choices in various Institutes. Bachelors in Science offers very specified knowledge about certain subject areas, usually in one of the three main science fields of Chemistry, Biology or Physics. It is also known as B.S., B.Sc. (General) and B.Sc. (Pass Course). It is General and Pass Course as it is not Subject Specific and one can choose a number of combinations of subjects, apart from 1-2 Compulsory Subjects. The course can be pursued either as a Full Time Graduate Course or Part Time Graduate Course i.e. through Correspondence or Distance Education depending upon one’s choice.

Tuition Fee 50% of the Total fee
Admission Fee/Procession Fee 7.5% of Total fee
Examination Fee(Annual 7.5%)Subject to a Min. of 6000 & Max. 7000
Other Academic fee(upto 35% of total fee)
Total fee Annual


  • Biodiversity (Microbes, Algae, Fungi and Archegoniate) (CC-1)
  • Animal Diversity (CC- 2)
  • Atomic Structure, Bonding, General Organic Chemistry & Aliphatic Hydrocarbon (CC-3)
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (2)
    Environmental Science
  • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (2)
    Basic IT


  • Plant Ecology and Taxonomy (CC-4)
  • Developmental biology and Comparative Anatomy (CC-5)
  • Chemical Energetics, Equilibria& Functional Organic Chemistry (CC-6)
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (2)
    English Communications
  • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (2)
    Basic Mathematics


  • Plant Anatomy & Embryology(CC-7)
  • Physiology & Biochemistry (CC-8)
  • Conductance, Electrochemistry & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-II (CC-9)
  • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (2)


  • Plant Physiology & Metabolism(CC-10)
  • Genetics & Evolutionary Biology(CC-11)
  • Transition Metal & Coordination Chemistry, States of Matter and Chemical Kinetics (CC-12)
  • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (2)


  • Discipline Specific Elective DSE (4)
    DSE-Botany I
    DSE-Zoology I
    DSE-Chemistry I


  • Discipline Specific Elective DSE (4)
    DSE-Botany II
    DSE-Zoology II
    DSE-Chemistry III


  • Botany


    Core paper :

    1. Biodiversity

    2. Plant Ecology and Taxonomy

    3. Plant Anatomy and Embryology

    4. Plant Physiology & Metabolism


    Discipline Specific Elective papers: Choose 2


    1. Cell and Molecular biology

    2. Economic Botany and Biotechnology

    3. Analytical techniques in Plant Science

    4. Bioinformatics

    5. Environmental Science


    Skill Enhancement Course 



    2. Biofuels

    3. In- Vitro technologies and Indusrial applications

    4. Agriculture Microbiology

    5. Medicinal Botany

    6. Plant diversity and Human Welfare



    Core paper :


    1. Atomic Structure, Bonding, General Organic Chemistry & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 

    2. Chemical Energetics, Equilibria& Functional Group Organic Chemistry-I

    3. Conductance, Electrochemistry & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-II 

    4. Transition Metal & Coordination Chemistry, States of Matter and Chemical Kinetics 


    Discipline Specific Elective papers: Choose 2


    1. Applications of Computers in Chemistry 

    2. Analytical Methods in Chemistry 

    3. Molecular Modeling & Drug Design 

    4. Novel Inorganic Solids 

    5. Polymer Chemistry 

    6. Research Methodology for Chemistry 

    7. Green Chemistry 

    8. Industrial Chemicals & Environment 

    9. Inorganic Materials of Industrial Importance 

    10. Instrumental Methods of Analysis 

    11. Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy & Photochemistry 

    12. Organometallics, Bioinorganic chemistry, Polynuclearhydrocarbons and UV,IR Spectroscopy

    13. Molecules of Life

    14. Chemistry of Main Group Elements, Theories of Acids and Bases

    15. Dissertation


    Skill Enhancement Course 


    1. IT Skills for Chemists

    2. Basic Analytical Chemistry

    3. Chemical Technology & Society

    4. Chemoinformatics

    5. Business Skills for Chemists

    6. Intellectual Property Rights

    7. Analytical Clinical Biochemistry

    8. Green Methods in Chemistry

    9. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    10. Chemistry of Cosmetics & Perfumes

    11. Pesticide Chemistry

    12. Fuel Chemistry

  • Zoology


    Core paper :

    1. Animal Diversity

    2. Comparative Anatomy & Developmental biology

    3. Physiology & Biochemistry

    4. Genetics & Evolutionary Biology


    Discipline Specific Elective papers: Choose 2

    1. Applied Zoology

    2. Aquatic Biology

    3. Animal Biotechnology

    4. Insects, Vector & Diseases


    Skill Enhancement Course 

    1. Aquarium Keeping

    2. Public Health & Hygiene

    3. Medical Diagnostics